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7 Best Types of Chicken Feeds In Nigeria


If you are into poultry farming, you will know that feeds contribute to 75% of what the poultry business is all about.

There are different types of poultry birds you can raise whether on a small scale or commercially, but in this article, we will be focusing on the most common type of poultry which is chicken.

If you ever wondered what the different types of poultry feeds that are available in the market are, I will be sharing with you 7 different types of chicken feeds. These are not in any particular order.

If you are running a poultry farm, amidst other factors, feeds contribute to over 50% of the performance of the birds.

Not feeding the birds very well can make your birds not lay eggs regularly if you run a layers poultry farm and can make the birds lose weight if you are running the business for meat consumption only.

The classification of poultry feeds is:

  1. Starter
  2. Grower
  3. Finisher
  4. Layers

We will discuss extensively in another post the classifications of feeds.

There are various feed production companies out there depending on your location.

So, you ask yourself which poultry feed is the best in Nigeria to use for my birds, we will be making a list of 7 different types of chicken feeds in Nigeria.

This list is in no particular order and is based on research and I guarantee you that they are the most commonly used feeds for 90% of poultry farmers in Nigeria.

Types of Chicken Feeds

1. Topfeeds

7 Best Types of Chicken Feeds In Nigeria

The top of the list as the name implies is Top Feed. It is a household name that doesn’t produce only poultry feeds but also manufactures aqua feeds, concentrates, and other livestock feeds.

Top Feeds is produced by a company called Premier Feed Mills Co. Ltd. They are a subsidiary of Flour Mills, Nigeria.

Before 2008, TOPFEEDS was the sole feed production company before Flour Mills acquired them.

Flour Mills later founded Premier Feed Mills to be fully in charge of the production of the feeds.

Premier Feed Mills has its factory located in different three locations in Nigeria; Ibadan, Calabar, and Kaduna but have distributors all over Nigeria.

TOPFEEDS products come in mash and crumb:

For Layers birds, the mash varies from:

  • Chick Mash – Super Deluxe
  • Grower Mash
  • Pre-Layer Mash
  • Layer Mash while the

Layers Crumb comes in three different types. They are

  • Chick Crumb,
  • Grower Crumb, and
  • Layer Crumb

For broilers birds, both the mash and crumb come in

  • Super Starter
  • Starter
  • Finisher

TOPFEEDS concentrates which focus more on maize in the feed have two different types which are 30% and 40% concentrates.

Their poultry feed bag usually comes in 25kg.

The price of TOPFEEDS is usually high compared to the other feeds. The price varies depending on the time you want to purchase the feed.

To be a distributor for TOPFEEDS, you can contact them by sending an email to info@premierfeedsltd.com

2. Animal Care Feeds

Second, one type of chicken feed is Animal Care. This brand might not be as popular as the other feed production company. Animal Care feed is produced by Animal Care Services Konsult Nigeria.

Their head factory and office are located in Iperu Ogere, Ogun State while they have their regional office and milling plant in Kano and Asaba, Nigeria.

Animal Care Services Konsult Nigeria was established in 1979 and they also offer technical laboratory services in their offices.

Their poultry feed products come in the mash and concentrate form.

For Layer birds, the varieties of feeds include:

  • Hatchmore breeder mash
  • Chicks Nourisher Mash
  • Growfast Concentrate
  • Growfast Mash
  • Laymore Concentrate
  • Laymore Mash

For broilers birds, their products are in:

  • Supreme Broiler Starter Mash
  • Broiler Starter Mash
  • 30% Broiler Concentrate
  • Broiler Finisher Mash

Just like every other bag of feeds, it comes in 25 kg.

The price of Animal Care feeds varies depending on location and time.

For more information about Animal Care Feeds, you can contact them by sending an email to info@animalcare-ng.com

3. Hybrid Feeds

The third type of chicken feed in Nigeria is Hybrid Feeds. Hybrid Feeds are produced by a company named Hybrid Feeds Limited. They have their factory located in Kaduna but have distributors all over Nigeria.

In 2019, the company launched 3 new poultry feed products in Nigeria. The products are: Broiler Starter Crumble, Broiler Finisher Pellet, and Hycon Layers Concentrate

 Their products come in Mash and Concentrate just like the previous feed companies mentioned above.

Their feeds come in:

For Layer birds:

  • Chick mash
  • Starter
  • Grower Mash And Concentrate
  • Pre Lay
  • Layer Mash And Concentrate

For Broilers birds, the products vary from

  • Broiler Starter Mash
  • Broiler Grower Mash
  • Broiler Finisher Mash

 Their feeds come in a bag of 25kg just like every other poultry feed.

The price of Hybrid Feeds starts from ₦3,800 and above depending on the type of product and location.

For more information about Hybrid Feeds, you can contact them by sending an email to info@hybridfeeds.com

4. Chikun

Image from Afrimash

Fourth on the list of the types of chicken feeds in Nigeria is Chikun. Chikun feed is one of the products of Olam Group Nigeria. Their Corporate office is located in Abebe Village, Iganmu, Lagos, Nigeria, and has its factories in Lagos, Ogun, and Kaduna, the Northern part of Nigeria.

For so long, when it comes to poultry feeds in Nigeria, Chikun has had very good competition with other feeds.

Chikun Feed also comes in 25kg/bag.

Their Layer birds products include:

  • Chikun Chick Mash
  • Chikun Grower Mash
  • Pre Lay Mash
  • Chikun Layers Mash (Layer 1 and Layer 2)

For Broiler birds, the feeds come in the:       

  • Super Starter Mash
  • Starter Mash
  • Grower Mash
  • Finisher Mash

They also have their feed in pellets.

The price of Chikun feeds varies depending on which of the varieties you are buying, the location you’re buying from and the time you are buying the business.

For more information about Chikun Feed, you can contact them by sending an email to nigeria@olamnet.com

5. Vital Feed

The fifth type of chicken feed in Nigeria is Vital Feeds. Vital Feeds is produced by Grand Cereals Limited, a subsidiary of UAC Nigeria PLC. They have their factory located in Kano, Nigeria.

Unlike every other feed mentioned above, they package their feed not only in 25kg but also in 50kg which makes them different in a way.

Their products include:

  • Super Starter
  • Starter
  • Growmaxx – For Grower birds
  • Growers Pelletized
  • Layers (pelletized) and,
  • Layers (Eggmaxx – Crumbled layers)

The price of Vital Feed varies depending on location and the period you want to purchase the feed.

For more information about Vital Feed, you can contact them by sending an email to info@grandcereals.com

6. Cornerstone Feeds

Next on the types of chicken feeds in Nigeria is Cornerstone Feeds. Cornerstone Feeds is produced by Fola Afe Agrovet Services. They have their factory located in Ojokoro, Lagos State, and an annex factory in Agege, Lagos Abeokuta Road, Lagos.

Cornerstone is one of the rising feeds in Nigeria. Until recently, Cornerstone has not been common for use among poultry farmers.

Their products come in

  • Chicks Mash
  • Broiler Starter Mash
  • Growers Mash
  • Broiler Finisher Mash, and
  • Layers Mash

The price of Cornerstone Feeds varies depending on the location and time you want to purchase the feed.

For more information about their products and services, you can contact them through their email info@cornerstonefeeds.com or folaafe@yahoo.com

7. Breedwell

The last type of chicken feed in Nigeria, we will be looking at is Breedwell. Breedwell is produced by Breedwell Feeds Limited, a subsidiary of Sayed Farms. They have their factory in Alomaja Area, along Ijebu Ode, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Just like Vital Feeds, Breedwell has products that come in 25kg and 50 kg. Their product categories are:

  1. Broilers Rations
  2. Professional Rations
  3. Layers Rations
  4. Concentrates and
  5. BW Concentrates

The most common type of feeds among the categories mentioned above are:

Layers Rations:

  • Chick Mash
  • Grower Mash
  • Pre Layer Mash
  • Layer Mash
  • Layer Mash Phase 2

Broilers Rations

  • Starter Mash
  • Finisher Mash
  • Super Starter Crumble
  • Starter Pellet and
  • Finisher Pellet

The price of Breedwell feeds varies depending on the location and the time you are buying the feed.

For more information about Breed Well Limited, you can contact them by sending an email to lnfo@breedwell.com.ng

Other types of chicken feed that you can use for your birds if you are in Nigeria are:

  • Ultima Feeds produced by Olam Groups
  • Hendrix
  • Livestock Feeds produced by Livestock Feeds Plc


The choice of the types of chicken feeds that you use for your birds depends on preference and also the amount of money you are willing to spend. No matter the company feeds you use for your chicken, their performance will be determined by the type of birds and how well you feed them.

We will like to know, which of these feeds are you using for your birds, kindly share them with us in the comment section.

If you find this list useful, kindly do well to share this post.

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  3. I’m a distributor of Hybrid feed and I want to also be a distributor of Chikun but I don’t have their contact if anyone can connect me to them please

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    2, Can crumbled chicken feed be use 4 big boilers.

    • The cost will depend on so many factors:
      1. How big do you want to go?
      2. The things you have on the ground
      3. The different types of brands you wish to sell
      So, do your research and make a decision.

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