How To Determine The Best Type of Pond For Fish Farming

Determine The Best Type of Pond For Fish Farming

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People wanting to start a fish farming business have been finding it difficult to choose the best type of pond to raise their fish from juvenile to melange or table size.

I have talked about the different types of ponds for fish farming and even how to choose the perfect location to start your farm but people still ask me if they are finding it difficult to select the pond they want for themselves.

Let me you a story, sometime around 2021, someone reached out to me that she wants to start a fish farm and specifically mention that he wanted to use a tarpaulin pond. An effort to ask questions about why she choose the particular type of pond despite the fact it is a 20,000-capacity farm.

I also tried to ask for a visit so I can recommend right, but she insisted until I come over to deliver the ponds that’s when I’ll be able to see the land even though videos of the site were sent to me, yet I wasn’t satisfied with what I say, but I have no choice.

Payment was made, I made an arrangement to deliver the ponds and on getting to the site, I saw that we could have saved cost by going for an earthen pond instead of the tarpaulin ponds because of the different things I saw on the site.

What can I do? NOTHING; Why? Because consultations were not made but instead the client went straight to what she wanted without listening to professional advice.

I did what I’m supposed to as a professional but it could have been better in terms of management, cost, etc.

That’s why in this article, I will be talking about how to choose the best type of pond to raise catfish notwithstanding the quantity, location, and pocket.

How To Choose The Best Type of Pond For Raising Catfish

Tarpaulin Pond

When it comes to raising fish, it is no news that ponds are very important in doing things right and it is also good before you buy your fish or do anything, you have to choose the best type of pond for raising your fish.

As I always mention to my mentees, there are factors you need to consider before you buy or choose your preferred type of pond.

Aside from my mentees, when people reach out to me that they want to start a fish farm and mention that they want to use a particular type of pond for their fish farming, I usually question them further about the reason for choosing the ponds.

1. Location

The first thing you need to consider when choosing the best pond for raising your fish is the location of your proposed farm.

Not all types of ponds are suitable for all locations. For example, you cannot have an earthen pond in a fully residential area. For you to be able to use an earthen pond to raise catfish, it has to be a place where there is a constant flow of natural or semi-natural water like a stream, spring, and maybe river.

If you’re someone that is looking to start a fish farm and you want to do it at the back of your house, an earthen pond is out of the way except you live in a riverine area or on the river.

Your best type of pond will be plastic, tarpaulin, or on rare occasions a concrete pond.

You can read this article on how to choose the best location for your farm where I talked about the factors you need to consider before purchasing land for your farm.

2. Quantity of Fish

Fish In A Barf

The next thing you need to consider when choosing a type of pond for raising your fish is the quantity of fish you want to raise.

You don’t want to raise 200 fish with no intention to expand in the nearest future and you go construct a concrete pond all in the name of starting a fish farm.

The quantity of fish you will be raising will be what you’ll tell your consultant which will now prompt him/her to tell you the type of pond you should go for.
If you’re going to be raising from 10,000 or above, there are like 3 types of ponds you should prioritize to use on your proposed farm, every other type of pond will come secondary.

That is why it is necessary to speak with a consultant for proper guidance.

3. Your Budget

Everything you’re trying to do is balls down to money. You can’t do anything without knowing how much you’re willing to spend on the project.

The budget for your proposed farm will determine the type of pond you’ll eventually use for raising your fish.

Some ponds are more expensive to construct than others. For example, the amount you spend on constructing an earthen pond will be lesser than the amount you’ll spend on constructing a concrete pond.

You know where the problem lies, there are specific areas where you can construct an earthen pond but you can construct a concrete pond, tarpaulin pond, and plastic pond anywhere only that you’ll be spending more depending on the land texture.

4. Goal For Starting Fish Farming Business

Goal For Starting A Fish Farming Business

Another thing to consider when choosing the best type of pond for your fish farm is the end goal for the business.

What do I mean by this? If you just want to test how the business is, there are ponds you can use to start but if you want to go full force into the business, there are also ponds you should consider using for your business.

Plastic and tarpaulin ponds are mobile ponds (i.e you don’t need to dig anything before you build it, so it is easy to move when you don’t want to use it any longer) so it is suitable for farmers that are scared and just want to test waters but earthen and concrete ponds are for farmers that want to go full force into the business.


When it comes to choosing a pond for raising your fish, you need to keep your head straight so you don’t make the mistake most people made.

The factors I mentioned above are interwoven because the first factor leads to the second down to the last. You must see make sure that you tick all the dots before you build or construct the pond you want especially if it’s going to be in large quantity.

To recap, below are the factors to consider before choosing the best type of pond for raising your fish:

  • Location
  • Quantity of fish
  • Budget
  • The goal of starting a fish farm

I will say again, speak to a consultant so that he/she will guide you right.

One thing you need to know is constructing fish ponds is different from building a house. It is a business and not just any type, IT IS SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Go out there and make things right, go get that money.


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