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Fish and Catfish Farming Quotes


Have you ever entered a Nigerian restaurant? If you have, you will observe the rate at which people crave fish pepper soup, especially the “point and kill” pepper soup.

This is a soup recipe prepared with catfish, and the taste is so heavenly!

Recently, many farmers have delved into fish farming, especially catfish farming, because of the unique nature of catfish and how lucrative it is.

This is not unique to Nigeria alone, but also to other countries, particularly the United States.

Countries with warmer climates are mostly into catfish farming.

Some people in the western part of the world have come up with various fish and catfish farming quotes and sayings that tend to convince people of how enjoyable and lucrative fish farming is.

People like James Clary, Dan Williams, Phil Droucher, Sean Taylor, Tom Douglas, Jeremy Wanes, and Edith Sitwell.

I find the idea of having a fish and catfish farming quote very interesting and fun as it triggers one’s desire to know more about this type of agriculture.

This article will look at:

  • What is fish farming?
  • What is Catfish farming?
  • Quotes on catfish farming
  • Quotes on fish farming

What is Fish Farming?

What is Fish Farming?
Image: Pixabay.com

Fish farming is an aquaculture-based farming practice.

It involves the large-scale rearing or breeding of various types of fish for food or commercial purposes.

Common fish species reared in fish farms are salmon, tilapia, and catfish.

Also, this type of farming is popular and lucrative.

Fish farming dates back as far as 8,000 years ago.

In fish farming, farmers keep lots of fish in tanks filled with fresh or seawater.

The fish are fed on a daily basis.

This is much easier than going to the river with a hook and earthworm in search of fish.

 However, as a form of diversification, some farmers prefer to rear just catfish as it is quite easy and less expensive.

Fish farming ensures :

  • Prompt distribution of fish all over the world.
  • It is highly hygienic and sustainable.
  • Fish are monitored.

What is Catfish Farming?

Image: Pixabay.com

Catfish is a very strong fish that is reared in warm-climate countries.

It is normally reared in an enclosed pond filled with well water and fed daily.

Catfish farming involves rearing catfish in large quantities for commercial purposes.

Catfish are best reared in freshwater.

It has a scaleless body, and thus, unlike other fish, it is very slimy and difficult to hold.

Catfish come in a variety of species, including Claris spp, channel catfish, blue catfish, and others.

Catfish is very tasty and can be prepared in many recipes.

Catfish Farming Quotes

Many people ventured into catfish farming and “fell in love” with the nature of the catfish and the methods of rearing.

Amongst these people are those who also enjoy a fresh meal made with catfish.

This has led some of these people to make various quotes about catfish.

First on the list is Tom Douglas, a seasoned American chef born on August 2, 1958.

He quotes,

 “Most of the catfish you find at the fish counter have been farmed. Though I usually prefer to buy and eat wild fish, farmed catfish taste cleaner, without the muddy taste of their wild relatives”

“Catfish have a nice texture and mild flavor”

“If deep frying catfish, try a dredge of seasoned flour and cornmeal and add some bacon fat to the oil”

“Catfish’s mild taste adapts well to a wide array of flavors, especially strong, assertive ones”

Another quote was written by:

Dawn Kelsch

“We have put farm-raised channel catfish in the large one and are expecting another load of fish on Thursday. The large lake has three springs feeding it. The smaller one relies on rainwater, but it is almost full”

“One of the old favorites is always the catfish tank. Kids can catch a catfish and they can release it, or, if they can convince their mother, they can take it home and fry it up”

Jack Nugent

“I probably go through 1,000 pounds plus of fish in a weekend during Lent. Our big sellers are cod cut-ups and cod fillets. But we sell a whole catfish plate that is pretty popular, too”

Mark Daniels

“The catfish is a good enough fish for anyone”

He also confirmed that a catfish is

 “As big as a man, being six feet, two inches long, and weighing over 200 pounds”

He further explained that a catfish is dark, slimy, has whiskers, and is fascinating.

 Other anonymous quotes are:

“The catfish is made up of more than three hundred and fifty species and is the most interesting fish in the world”

These quotes show the unusual nature of catfish and how easy it is to raise.

Fish Farming Quotes

Maurice Strong wrote on his social media page:

“If you want to maintain a sustainable supply of fish, you have to farm the fish rather than mine them”

Other anonymous quotes are:

“Fish is environmentally beneficial and the tastiest animal protein”

“Aquaculture is more beneficial than meat production”

“It takes a skilled man to catch a fish, but anyone can learn the art of fish farming”

“Without fish farming, there would be a shortage of fish supply all over the world”

“Start your own fish farm if you want healthier fish”

“A fish a day gives your family adequate nutrition”

“Stay calm and start fishing”

“Healthy fish, healthy lifestyle”


The various catfish and fish farming quotes give us an insight into the uniqueness and lucrative nature of the aquaculture business.

The best way to get an adequate supply of fish is to have a sustainable farm.

Again, catfish farming appears to be the easiest type of fish farming, especially because of its unique nature.

However, fish farmers face many problems;

  •  Limited spacing, which leads to clustering of fish.
  • Most of the time, fish can escape and lead to a loss.
  • Fish can easily contract diseases if not properly taken care of.
  • Fish farming can cause environmental pollution. Especially if it’s waste is not properly disposed of.

If you enjoy the quotes in this article and want to start a fish farm, I have written an article on how to start a fish farm and successfully run this business. You can read it HERE



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