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Best Pet Chickens You Can Raise At Home


When it comes to poultry farming, chicken is one of the most rushed animals that people want to raise. The problem is most times they are not sure which chickens they should buy and raise on their farm.

`There are different types of chicken, but what about having the best pet chickens in your home that will make you happy always?

Who doesn’t want a flock of joyful chickens who run away as soon as they see you? Some individuals emphasize features like egg production, cold hardiness, external looks if raised for the show, chicken size, or growth pace; for those who maintain chickens as pets, having the friendliest chicken breeds as pets is a significant reason we bought them in the first place.

How can we be sure the ones we place in our yard are friendly?

As with other pets, how the owner treats their flock is just as essential as picking the proper breed when it comes to deciding the attitude of the hens.

A strong understanding of best practices for rearing a pleasant flock, on the other hand, would go a long way.

Tips For Raising the Friendliest Chicken Breeds

Best Pet Chickens You Can Raise At Home
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  1. When you initially bring the chicks home, speak softly to them and avoid the impulse to pick them up. Allow the ladies to adjust to their new lives and recover from their journey to your home.

You may encourage them by sprinkling some chick feed on your palm. Then, talk to them so that they become accustomed to hearing your voice.

Hands-on time with your chicks should be restricted to a few brief periods every day, each lasting only a few minutes. Chicks are like newborns in that they sleep a lot. As a result, they become tired and chilly rapidly.

  1. When your hens are a little older, and you want to tame them and create trust, offer them their favorite reward in your hand again. This is also used to tame roosters that are too aggressive.

It’s better to start by getting them acclimated to feeding off of your hand before slowly massaging them.

Then it’s critical to spend time with them, talk to them, and establish friends with them. They’ll avoid you if they don’t know you well or aren’t clear about your job in the flock.

It’s also crucial to let them know you’re in charge of the flock. They look to the flock leader to keep them safe, teach them where food can be found, and keep them cozy.

  1. People-friendly chickens necessitate people-friendly chickens. Make pleasant conversation, maintain a calm demeanor, and ensure that your flock realizes that you are their primary food source.

If your flock mostly forages for food, they are virtually on their own. As a result, people don’t ‘need’ you, don’t know what to think of you, and are likely to avoid you.

To build a pleasant flock, it is necessary to connect with chickens while they are chicks, feed them, and handle them with care and love.

Top Most Friendly Chicken Breeds

It may be difficult to break into the poultry industry. Where do you begin when there are so many questions to ask and so many things to learn? Even yet, the answer to that question may differ from one individual to the next.

We believe that you should first determine the breeds you want to incorporate in your flock. In this manner, you’ll be able to see if you have the financial means to raise your dream chickens. There are, however, hundreds upon thousands of distinct breeds available, all of which come in a variety of forms and sizes, colors and patterns, as well as varied purposes and demands.

You’ve returned to the first set of questions. What do you do first?

You can’t go wrong with some friendly chickens, right? So we’ve put up a list of the friendliest chicken breeds we could discover.

1. Speckled Sussex

First, on the list of the best pet chickens, we will be looking at is the Speckled Sussex. They are one of the most popular breeds of all time, having clucked their way into the hearts of countless people.

The Speckled Sussex is, without a doubt, one of the most amiable breeds. It wouldn’t surprise you if one came sprinting up to you as soon as they saw you. One or two of them may even follow you around and talk to you about anything. They are very kind to youngsters, and you may trust them with your children.

They are noted for being a dual-purpose breed, in addition to their beauty. The meat from the Speckled Sussexes is excellent, and they also lay a lot of eggs. They could lay around five eggs per week, for a total of 250 eggs each year.

They normally don’t require much and don’t require any particular care. Speckled Sussexes, on the other hand, are curious creatures that may occasionally get themselves into trouble. Of course, they’re clever and smart enough to get themselves into trouble, but it’s still a good idea to keep a lookout for them now and again.

2. Buff Orpington

The Orpington, another larger-sized chicken, is a superb all-purpose utility breed that provides both eggs and meat and is regularly developed for show– making them a fantastic overall bird.

This loving chicken breed is sometimes referred to as the “Golden Retriever of chickens.” For families, schools, or clubs, make excellent outdoor pets.

In fact, if you have youngsters who like playing with the flock, you should buy Buff Orpingtons.

According to most chicken studies, the Buff Orpington is a laid-back, patient, and friendly chicken who enjoys receiving food rewards and isn’t afraid of being picked up.

3. Australorp Chicken

Next on the list of the best pet chickens to raise at home is the charming Australorp.

The Australorp appears to be a small woman at first glance: lovely, charming, and graceful. They walk as though they’re little princesses dressed in a train gown. But, they’re also peaceful and gentle, which goes well with their ladylike appearance.

When you first meet them, you might not believe they’re kind and welcoming, but that’s only because they’re bashful! They’ll become one of the kindest breeds you’ll ever meet after you gain their trust.

However, this breed is more than just its wonderful demeanor. Australorps are birds with two functions. First, they could be able to provide you with high-quality meat while also providing you with a huge amount of eggs. Each year, they could lay roughly 250 eggs.

4. Rhode Island Red

My favorite pet chicken breed is the Rhode Island Red. We’ve had a couple of our own, and they’ve always been wonderful chickens.

They’re one of the simplest hens to care for, are quite gentle, enjoy being held, and get along well with kids.

People-lovers are comfortable with human contact in general; Rhode Island Reds also benefit from being friendly with other members of their own flock. Finally, Reds are cold-hardy and will lay eggs for you at any time of year.

5. The Faverolle

The next type of pet chicken you can raise at home is The Faverolle.

If you were to ask a Faverolle owner to characterize these creatures in one word, they would most likely say SWEET. Let me assure you, though, that the Faverolles are described by more than one adjective.

First and foremost, they are both stunning and cute. Faverolle’s feathers have such lovely colors that they appear magnificent yet fluffy enough to make you want to touch them!

The good news is that these species are fine with being cuddled. They are friendly and charming creatures who would want to make friends with everyone, including your children.

6. Wyandotte

They are not tiny birds because they are categorized as a dual-purpose breed. However, they are typically friendly and gentle birds that are easy to handle.

Wyandottes are a gorgeous feathered breed that tolerates confinement well and is particularly cold-hardy.

As a result, they are an excellent choice for the backyard chicken keeper and may be readily handled by youngsters.

7. Silkie

They’re arguably one of the greatest fowls to embrace since their feathers are considered to feel like silk, as their name indicates. So you’re in for a treat if you ever see one. This breed is quite affectionate and would probably like being cuddled.

They have a distinctive appearance, and as a result, they resemble stuffed animals and are popular among youngsters. They are quiet beasts, so you can trust them to be gentle with your child if they wish to play with them.

Everyone is related to one another! At least, that’s what the majority of Silkies appear to believe. They are amazing mothers and are eager to nurture any child.

The good news is that these species are fine with being cuddled. They are friendly and charming creatures who would want to make friends with everyone, including your children.

8. Cochin

They’re huge, lovely, and appear to be the ideal chickens for receiving bear hugs! That is, assuming you can carry them; after all, these behemoths may weigh more than 10 pounds.

Cochins are another kind of gentle giant, despite their height. They’re friendly and quiet, and they’d love to sit on your lap.

Like other sociable birds, Cochins are vulnerable to bullying from more powerful and outspoken breeds, so bear that in mind.

These giants like women and children. They make wonderful moms and would gladly mother anybody who wanted to adopt them, even little creatures that don’t look like chicks. You may also trust them with your children because of their caring demeanor.


Are Pet Chickens Safe to Have Around?

Chickens may be amiable and make excellent pets. However, before buying hens, make careful to verify your local legislation since certain locations, particularly cities, prohibit them as pets.

What Are the Best Chickens for Backyards?

Some of the greatest backyard chickens are Buff Orpingtons, Dark Brahmas, La Fleches, Bantam Leghorns, and Bantam Araucana.

Which Chicken Breed Is the Most Dangerous?

The roosters of Malay chickens are notorious for being violent. This is because they were raised to fight cockfights. The English Game is another aggressive chicken breed.


We’ve put up a list of the friendliest chicken breeds. Whether you’re just starting started or have been in the poultry industry for a long time, friendly chickens always appear to be a good idea. While some of them may not be as productive or attractive as others, they may all provide you with a gratifying amount of affection, and caring for them is virtually always a joyful experience.

Thinking about where to begin your poultry/chicken farming business? You can read this article that we have put together to guide you.

Cheers to your success!!!



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