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5 Reasons To Raise Chickens At Home


Whether young or old, everyone is always fascinated by seeing chickens running around the compound. No matter how big or small your space is, you also can raise chickens at home.

Are you looking for information on how to raise chickens at home? Then, you’re in the right place.

Growing up, every household in my community including my house has one or two local chickens in their abode running around and waking everyone up early in the morning.

At that time, there are no information online about raising any type of poultry birds not to talk of finding solutions to whatever type of diseases which could affect the birds. When I grew older, I started my chicken farm with 20 hens that lay eggs for me every day.

No matter where you are or where you’re from, raising chickens will add value to your lifestyle.

Raising chickens has become a great thing where old and young people can wake up and start training themselves, not to talk more of when you know the beginning, believe me, you will be flowing within some months when people imagine the source of your fast success.    

They are not that stressful to take care of and there are some benefits in raising them. If you’ve always been looking to start a chicken farm for whatever purpose it might be, read this article to the end where I’ll talk about 5 different reasons to raise chickens at home.

5 Reasons To Raise Chickens At Home

Small Space of Land 

Chickens free ranging
Image: Pexels.com

A small space of land can be used for raising chickens. They only require a little space in your home and can make you a choice of raising chicken. You can gradually expand as it grows. Chicken coops are beautiful and can make you an irresistible enclosure outside the window space.

Protection is highly recommended and alongside ventilation for proper air entrance, as many of us know that chickens need a breeze as well as heat.

If you’re doing backyard chicken farming, it always comes with low-cost maintenance that is, you don’t really need much to raise the birds.

Majorly those that raise chickens at home do the free-range system of poultry farming even though there are other types of systems.

When setting up a coop for your chickens, remember that the dimension of the coop should be a minimum of two to four square feet for the birds, the same as for adults to be able to feed well. 


Chicken waste works better when mixed with organic matter. They will be no more rich shortage if you can be able to raise chicken.

Compost from chicken is rich in the garden and also makes scrap leaf looks green in color. Poop produced by chickens can be used to fertilize gardens. The waste of chicken has a role in the compost pile, and also provides phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen.

They all help the soil to be fertile, it’s not to be used directly on the plant, but can stay for a year before using it on the plant, turn it with leaves or green compost from the garden and live to heat for some hours, turn it always, with the short moment you will get  your good brand new soil   


Image: Pexels.com

Nothing is better than when you raise chicken by yourself for consumption not to talk about the flavor of fresh egg and their nutrition. In case you don’t know, eggs generate income for the trainer and can also be used to serve visitors.

There are more nutrients in fresh eggs compared to the ones you buy from the supermarket. The worst is that you don’t actually know how long the egg has been on the shelf. In order not to make mistakes, the fresh egg is the best, raise your own to be getting your fresh eggs.

Alright, it can sound different if some people raise chickens to benefit eggs, people eat eggs more than chickens. If the chicken laying the egg is healthy it will be at low risk of getting sick.

Different colors of eggs can be achieved by combining other breeds. Its quality can not be matched by store-bought egg

Chicks are expected to lay eggs in four months. As the chicken gets older production of eggs will be slow.


Image: Pexels.com

Looking at chickens is very fun especially dose at the early-rising baby chicks. They quickly go for food like they have not eaten in a decade. They run around one another and even eat on each other’s beaks,  They are comical and quiet.

They fight with each other frequently, they make their pecking order. the amazing part is when you see them stretching their necks up and pulling up their wings and going around one another in a good manner. Chicken’s entertainment is enough to raise them.

Chickens are part of entertainment for kids, they are beautiful when looking at them expectantly the baby chicks, you can also show your kids the source of chicken food so that they can feed and keeps their eggs in their self place.   

Health Benefits And Exercise

For those that don’t feel like doing the regular and common form of exercise, another means of exercise is raising chickens in our backyard. Moving around improves our physical health and mental well-being.

As they say what goes into the food determines how healthy life will be, so keep chickens for more exercise.

A chicken that is difficult to catch can make you go the extra mile before getting it, altogether exposing you to more exercise.

Always take your birds outside, going out every day will expose your birds to fresh air.


Raising chickens at home will not only be beneficial for consumption, but it will also not make the house boring cos they are available to run around the compound, and make noise when necessary.

It is also often said that if you have an older parent or persons with no one staying with them, you can get them a pet.

If that is the case, having a chicken at home can serve as a pet for this set of people which means it will prevent them from being lonely all the time.

For these five reasons, I will be convinced that you know why it is important to raise chickens in your different homes not just because of eggs but for so many purposes. Also, raising chickens for entertainment purposes can be the only reason that will make you want to raise them.

As I said earlier it’s not hard to train chickens, anyone can do it.

Maybe you can find it difficult in the beginning because it’s your first time raising chickens in the home, but I assure you with time your dream will come true. Push hard you will get there.

Do you have a dream to raise chickens in your various homes but don’t know the procedures?

Don’t worry yourself, in this article I’ve provided you with all the information you need on how to raise chicken at home without much stress.



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