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5 Best Automatic Poultry Feeders and Drinkers

Automatic Poultry Feeders


Do you desire the best automatic poultry feeders and drinkers that will solve your feathered friend’s feeding and drinking challenge? 

Look no further, for this article will provide a solution plus give you insight into the best among automatic poultry feeders and drinkers.

Maintaining a healthy and thriving poultry could become frustrating when you’re not equipped with the proper tools. 

If your poultry farm lacks important equipment that can make it grow and flourish you may experience unstable income.

Also, this can affect the output of your poultry products.

Hence, efficient and reliable automatic poultry feeders and drinkers can be very effective in this regard. 

Investing in these tools will give you bloomy poultry, save you time, and reduce waste.

In this article, I outlined the 5 best automatic poultry feeders and drinkers beginning with the best.

That’s not all, in this article, I also highlighted some of their unique features – what makes one better than the other, benefits, how to identify a good one, and drawbacks.

At a Glance: Best Automatic Poultry Feeders and Drinkers

S/NProduct NameMy Rating
1. 5-gallon/44 Pounds Automatic Chicken Feeder and waterer Set (2 Buckets)Overall Best for Chicken, Duck, Turkey
2.Plasson DuckSuited for Chicken and ducklings
3.Grandpa’s FavoriteThe Grandpa’s Favourites Feeder
4.Pigeon Drinking FountainBest Fit for use by pigeons, chickens, and ducks.
5.Howells Chicken feedersBest Poultry Companion

Automatic Poultry Feeders And Drinkers: Overview and Benefits

The feeders and drinks for poultry greatly influence the health and output of your flock of birds. 

The top automatic drinkers and feeders for poultry have a number of benefits.

These benefits can make everyday caregiving for your birds easier while also making sure their hydration and nutritional demands are effectively satisfied. 

The following is a summary of the advantages of certain necessary poultry accessories:

Minimized Waste 

Automatic poultry feeders and drinkers are designed to minimize time wasting. 

Additionally, this equipment features some additional functions that make sure every water and food is given to the poultry farm during dispensation counts.

The system is designed to protect contamination from any source ensuring your poultry pets grow healthily.

Less Workload

Automatic drinkers and feeders cut down on the amount of time and work needed for regular upkeep. 

You won’t need to refill them as regularly because of their higher capacity and ability to distribute water and feed as needed, saving up your time for other crucial activities. 

Prevention of Pest Infestations

Most automated feeders and drinkers are rats resistant.

They are designed in a way that keeps rats, wild birds, and other pests away from your poultry’s food sources. 

This keeps any disease vectors out of your coop and conserves resources as well. 

Hygienic Environment

It is of utmost importance that poultry remains clean and free from contaminants.

When your animals eat from poorly designed feeders and drinkers (mostly DIY), they may easily contract diseases.

As a result, good automatic feeders and drinkers contribute to the upkeep of a hygienic environment.

With this equipment in place, there may be a lower chance of disease transmission throughout your flock. 

Customization and Consistency

You can tailor feeding schedules and water delivery with certain models to make sure your poultry’s unique requirements are satisfied. 

Better growth and egg production may result from maintaining this nutritional and hydration regimen. 

Water Proof 

One good feature that makes a good automatic poultry feeder and drinker is its ability to resist weather. 

Furthermore, well-designed automatic drinking and feeding systems for poultry are made to survive a variety of weather conditions, such as rain, frost, and UV rays. 

With this feature, come rain or shine, your fowls will always have access to food and water.

Time Efficiency

You may save a lot of time by automating the feeding and watering procedures. This is particularly useful for people who have busy poultry farms or are unable to care for their flock several times a day. 

Best Automatic Poultry Feeders and Drinkers

1. 5-gallon Automatic Chicken Feeder and waterer Set: Overall Best for Chicken, Duck, and Turkey

This particular feeder & drinker is one of its kind.

It introduces you to another level of raising chickens.

A more superior way that is beyond traditional.

As the name implies, the 5-gallon Auto Feeder & drinker is equipped with a large 2 bucket – 5-gallon capacity.

One gallon is for drinking while the other is for feeding.

The feeding bucket is equipped with a feeding trough – one per side.

Each of these troughs can be occupied by more than one bird.

For the drinking gallon, drinking cups are arranged in two pairs per gallon sides excluding one side – making six cups in total.

The cups can hold 15% water more than a regular bowl.

Hence, the cups are big enough for more than one bird to drink from without wastage.

Talking about wastage, the 5-gallon Automatic Chicken Feeder and waterer Set is quite different from the traditional feeding trough where more than one bird feeds and wastes food in the process.

By making, this feeder and drinker is designed with waste management in mind.

The food and water are only available when it is needed. 

This is possible through the automatic dispensation system.

Furthermore, the materials for building this equipment are high quality ensuring that your birds don’t die of odor or contamination.  

Boxed with the 5-gallon/44-pound Automatic Chicken Feeder & Waterer Set (2 Buckets) package is a simple instruction for easy use.

The instruction contains the coupling steps of the 5-gallon/44-pound Automatic Chicken Feeder and waterer Set (2 Buckets).

After successful coupling, the bucket can be placed on the ground or hung on the wall or fence. 


i. Premium-grade PP plastic 

ii. Automated poultry feeding and watering systems 

iii. Suitable for both extensive poultry operations and smaller backyard flocks

iv. Easy to couple

v. Easy to use


i. Require periodic cleaning and maintenance

2. Plasson Duck: Suited for Chicken and Ducklings

The two-water control automatic feeder assembly is very effective in feeding chickens and ducklings.

This tool has a beautiful design with a glittering rubber cup and tube-like top.

The cup-like design looks like an inverted bowl with a cover at the button.

Plasson duck adjustable height feature allows for space when ducklings and fully-grown chickens need to sip.

In addition to its design is its ability to minimize the risk of waterborne diseases. 

This feature is vital to all poultry businesses as the young chicks will access clean water always and grow strong without contracting diseases.

Plasson Duck is built to last, with sturdy construction that can withstand the rigors of poultry farming. 

This means you won’t have to replace it frequently, saving both time and money in the long run.


i. Environmental Friendly 

ii. Easy to use 

iii. Easy to clean

iv. Automatic water refilling


i. Require periodic cleaning and maintenance

ii. Installation may require some technical hands

3. Grandpa’s Feeder: The Grandpa’s Favourites Feeder

Grandpa’s Feeder is a beloved classic among poultry enthusiasts. 

It features a unique design that prevents spillage and discourages wild birds and rodents from stealing your chicken’s feed.

Due to the galvanized steel around the feeder, Grandpa’s feeder lasts long in bad outdoor conditions.

As a standard automatic feeder, it can take a capacity of 9kg of feed.

As a result, the Grandpa’s feeder can feed more than five chickens for 10 days.

The Grandpa’s feeder features a design that minimizes time wasting.

This is due to the feeder’s anti-flicking grill design that stops chickens from throwing food out, saving on wasted chicken feeds.

The latest model of Grandpa’s feeder is equipped with side guards that allow chickens to stand on the treadplate to feed.

All in all, Grandpa’s feeder reduces feed wastage, protects from pests, and has a significant reduction in daily refilling tasks.


i. Reduce time consumption and Money

ii. Easy to couple

iii. Strong and weatherproof


i. Require periodic cleaning and maintenance

4. Pigeon Drinking Fountain: Best Fit for Use by Pigeons, Chickens, and Ducks.

A much desired T-sleeved styled automatic poultry drinker, the Pigeon drinking fountain is unique in its design.

The automatic poultry drinker is much loved for its ability to adapt to pipes conveying water to different sections of the poultry.

It stands out as a preferred choice for delivering water from a pipe.

With a simple design, it caters to the sipping needs of multiple fowls in your poultry farms as long as its 25 mm wide T-sleeve finds a good plug.

The cup capacity opens up to 48 mm wide and can contain enough water for more than 2 chickens per day.

To avoid wastage, the drinker is regulated by a yellow plastic rod coming from the cup handle.

When the water gets low, the pressure of the water coming out pushes the plastic and closes the channel automatically.

The automatic poultry drinker is built to last and endure tough weather conditions.

With a sales specification quantity of 10 pieces per lot, it’s a practical solution for those managing multiple birds or simply seeking to ensure a consistent supply of fresh water.


i. Automatic refilling

ii. Highly durable

iii. Strong and weatherproof


i. Require periodic cleaning and maintenance

5. Howells Chicken Feeding Supplies Best Poultry Companion

Similar in design to 5-Gallon Automatic Chicken Feeder & Waterer, Howells Chicken Feeding Supplies is also a trusted name. 

With a commitment to excellence, these supplies provide the foundation for robust poultry nutrition and well-maintained coops.

The automatic poultry feeder stands 29cm from the floor and occupies 24.5cm.

As a waterproof feeder and drinker, it is well suited for both feeding and sipping.

Compared to a traditional chicken feeder, Howells chicken feeder is designed to automatically feel itself at the demand of your feathered friends.

With this feature in place, the automatic poultry feeder helps to reduce spillage and wastage to save your poultry feeding cost.

The drinker also replicates this design.

The water from the feeder only comes out when it’s required to.

Interestingly, the Howells Feeder is not just for chickens; it is a versatile solution designed to meet the unique feeding needs of quail, pigeons, doves, and various other small bird species.


i. Versatility

ii. Easy to couple

iii. Strong and weatherproof


i. Require periodic cleaning and maintenance


Selecting the right automatic poultry feeder and drinker is a critical decision for any poultry keeper. 

Each of the five options discussed above comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Selecting the best will be determined by your flock size, your specific needs, and your budget.

Remember that investing in quality equipment will pay off in the long run by saving you time and resources. 

Whether you opt for the 5-gallon/44-pound Automatic Chicken Feeder & Waterer set or the tried-and-true Howells chicken feeder, you’ll be ensuring the well-being of your feathered friends and simplifying your poultry-keeping experience.


Are all varieties of poultry suitable for use with automatic feeds and drinkers? 

Chickens, ducks, and quails are among the many poultry species that can be accommodated by automatic feeders and drinkers. Make careful to select a size and style that meet your unique requirements. 

How often should the feeder and drinker for my automatic chickens be cleaned? 

Cleaning frequency is determined by the number of birds and the conditions in your area. To keep an environment clean and hygienic, periodically check for any accumulation of dirt, mold, or algae and clean as necessary. 

Existing solar-powered automatic feeders and drinkers that I can choose from? 

Some models are indeed built to run on solar energy. In areas with limited access to energy, these are especially helpful. 

Can I alter the automatic feeders’ feeding schedule?

You may customize the feeding schedule on many automatic feeders to suit your needs, so your fowl are well-fed even when you’re not there. 

How long is the lifespan of an automatic drinker and feeder for poultry expected to be? 

These systems have different lifespans based on usage, material, and brand. High-quality feeders and drinkers can survive for several years with the right care.



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