2022 in Review: What A YEAR

New Year 2023 With Human

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We just finished the year 2022 a few days ago and it will be unjust to carry on with the new year without saying one or two things about the past year.

First, let me say a Happy New Year to everyone that has been a part of the Agricfy team from day 1 up to this day. This will be my first year in review since I started in 2020.

The Year 2022 in Review

A lot happened in 2022 that is worthy of talking about but I won’t bug you with so much talk I will dive into the projects that we did in the year.

In January – March 2022, nothing much to talk about as we didn’t do anything significant other than raising our fish and feeding the chickens on our farm.

20,000 Capacity RAS Farm

On April 13, 2022, we started the first project of the year which is the 20,000-capacity recirculating concrete pond. The project took 4 months to complete.

The initial agreement with the client was to construct the concrete pond but we later had an agreement to construct other structures which include:

i. A 200,000-Hatchery concrete pond

ii. A 20,000-Capacity Recirculating Pond

iii. A 3-Bedroom Farm House

iv. A Security House and 2 Store rooms

It is a major project that we are grateful for despite different challenges, we are able to pull through this and complete all structures way before the agreed period of 6 months.

We handled the project from beginning to end without interference of any kind and we appreciate the trust and support from the client even though I have not met the client nor her family member up to this moment when I’m writing this post.

We will begin the full operation of the farm this January 2023, so if you want to know how far we’ve gone with the project, go to my Youtube channel, subscribe, and follow with the update on whatever is happening on the said farm.

5,000 Capacity Poultry Farm

In June 2022, we also started a 5,000-capacity Ultramodern Poultry Farm in Ogun State, Nigeria.

The project is still ongoing but as of today, we have done the roofing of the pen and in a week’s time, we will resume work to complete this project.

As I mentioned above, we have done the following work on the site: completed the storerooms, the plumbing work, dug the well, and also the roofing of the pen. When we resume, we will start with the flooring of the pen as well as plastering the pen and the storerooms before we go to other things.

In October 2022, a long-time client that has reached out to me about his project in Enugu which is almost completed is having difficulties getting water on his farm.

They’ve been trying to get water since March 2022, but with God and the expertise of my team, we went to Enugu in November to drill the borehole for the client and we were able to get water in one day.

When I sent him the video that we got water on his farm, his reaction and action showed he was beyond amazed cos they already told him it was impossible to get water.

5,000 Capacity Fish Farm

Around November 2022, another client reached out to me that she wants to construct a fish pond on her farm in Abeokuta, Ogun State. I visited the site which is my usual routine before we start any project.

When I got to the site, it is a 2-acre land which has a pig pen already constructed and completed on it.

On Wednesday, December 14, 2022, we started the construction of the 5,000-capacity concrete pond on the site. Prior to this day, we already molded the blocks we will be using for the ponds.

In 10 days, we brought this project home (i.e. we completed the construction of the 5,000-capacity pond). It was pleasing to hear what the client has to say about our work. She said she could not believe what we could deliver in the shortest time but one thing I’m thankful for is how swiftly my team works when we need to deliver a job of high quality in the shortest of time.

The said project just like the 20,000-capacity will begin operation this January as well.

Beyond these 4 physical projects that were executed last year, I was able to do virtual training and consultation in over 9 countries of the world Australia, Germany, Ghana, Spain, The United State of America, and The United Kingdom not to leave out Nigeria amidst others.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone that trusted the brand Agricfy Farms Limited for trusting me with their funds and their investments. We are always here to make you happy and bring out the best n your investment.

What Is To Come In 2023?

This year, we want to reach out to more people that want to start a business in the agricultural sector but don’t know how to go about it. We want to make this dream come alive without any stress anywhere you might be in the world.

This does not mean you won’t face any difficulty, but with God and proper guidance, you will definitely overcome whatever challenges it might be.

As a brand, on and off what I’m writing, we plan to support more agriculture enthusiasts in all possible ways to make things easy through write-ups, training, seminars, etc.

Before the end of Q1 2023, I plan to do two things:

  • Build a community through a newsletter where people will get weekly updates and advice on how to grow in this industry.
  • Launch a book on fish farming (it is almost done) – It will be a beginner’s guide to how to start the business and make money in different ways.
  • Set up free training on how to get started in the agricultural sector. It is likely going to be a virtual training in order to get across to everyone.

It will be a tough order but I will try everything possible to make this come alive before the end of the Quarter.


There is no amount of thank you I say that can really show how appreciative I am to everyone that has been supporting the brand and I promise to make sure not to disappoint everyone.

REMEMBER: We’re all human and I cannot satisfy everyone in the world but do things with equality to make your dreams come through.

If you have any contributions or suggestions about how well I can improve our work, do well to send a message through the Contact Us form and I promise to put them into consideration if it aligns with the value of the company.

This is me saying THANK YOU and CHEERS TO A SUCCESSFUL YEAR IN 2023.


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